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Freddy G.

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​​Freddy Guevara

​The Power of Leadership  

A strong Leader can make or break a Team, an Organization or Country.



" I knew from childhood that leadership is a lonely, infernal and divine journey."

​                                                    Freddy G.




Freddy G's  signature talk available as Keynote speech and workshop in both languages, English and Spanish, is:

Build & Battle

The Power of Leadership 



  • Let's talk about the role of Leadership in this new changed world and its influence and impact on People's lives, Teams' performance and engagement  and organizational success.
  • Let's talk about why leaders can be so influential,​ both for the good and the evil.
  • ​Let's talk about Leading... because Leaders Lead!

I offer a deep insight, a different perspective from two different worlds: The Academic and the practitioner, as well as real solutions that your audience can put into practice. It is an effective, energizing and motivational experience engaging both the intellectual and the emotional that exposes our humanism, our reality and the shadows of leadership including internal and external conflicts, uncertainties and fear that impact our lives and businesses in our different stages of development.

​For this signature talk and  other topics, issues, challenges in Leadership, Management, Business, Team Building and Performance you want to address, contact me.